Red scalp?? Going to Derm, but I'm on the waiting list...

  1. After a few years and a couple of random comments by people, I've finally decided to see a dermatologist about my red scalp. I never noticed myself that my scalp is red, but a few people have commented on it asking "Why is your scalp red?"...and it just makes me feel bad and uncomfortable. :s

    I have very fine and thin hair...My hair is like baby hair. Heck, I think my hair is even finer than Julia's, lol. Toward the front of my head, there is one spot that's right in the middle where the hair is a bit thinner than the rest of my head...You never notice it though since I don't part my hair there and it coveres it up when I brush.

    The red part (or where other people say it's red :shrugs:) doesn't itch or anything. At first I thought it might be because of my blowdryer, but I even blowdryed my hair on cool one day (that took forever!!) and it was still red.

    So now that I'm waiting for my appointment at the dermatologist, I'd like to know if any of you have ever had a red scalp and what was the cause of it and what you were able to do to prevent it and treat it?

    Thanks :heart:
  2. There have been times that a product has irritated my scalp, and that made the skin red. Lately, I've had all kinds of trouble with my scalp, to the point I want to scream. I've finally made an appointment to see the dermatologist, too. I think my issue is the hardhat I have to wear all day at work. Does the red area bother you at all? What type of brush do you use? I have baby fine hair, too. It's soooo hard to work with! Good luck at your appointment, let us know what the dr. says.
  3. I don't use a regular brush for my hair, instead I use just a cheapo wide tooth comb from Goody. It's easy for me to get the tangles out of my hair that way :smile: At first I thought it might be my round brush, but I don't use my round brush on that part of my hair! :shrugs:

    The red area doesn't bother me at all...I don't even see it! lol, but that may be because I'm used to it and don't notice a difference. The only time it bothers me is when people say something about it, but that's more because it kinda hurts my feelings...
  4. i was going to say maybe hormone related but seeing as you have this 4 a while..... actually people are rather rude if they just blurt out like this. how about asking them why they are so..... insert as applicable, in return?

    no, but seriously - I reckon a derm is a good idea but as this doesn't bother you. who knows. he may just tell you that this is a natural situation ?? I have very very very dry skin so that can be a pain. it could also be the shampoo you r using? even though it doesnt bother you, it may aggravate.
  5. Did you have it before your pregnancy?
  6. Was it always there like a lightish stawberry mark or something? Good that you are going to see a dermatologist anyway.

    It may also be pregnancy related. I had horrible darkening of face and scalp when I was pregnant and it went away a few weeks after my son was born - since I am a sort of dark olive color I don't become red but turn a darker, blotchy brown.
  7. Could just be a birthmark... personally, think these people who are commenting on it should mind their own business! If it's not bothering you and has been there for a long time, it seems like a waste of money to me to go to the DR and get it checked out. But, if you are really worried it might be a problem, I guess no harm done?
  8. Yep, apparently I've had it for quite a while now? :shrugs: The first time somebody mentioned it to me I was in the 9th grade (I'm 21 now).

    I sat there in front of the mirror today and looked at my scalp, and I just don't see it!

    Maybe it has to do with my haircolor too (light brown)??? Maybe the lights reflecting off of it would make my scalp look red? IDK.

    It's just annoying for people to ask "Why is your scalp so red?". I never know what to say, lol. Ugh, it's just like people say "Why is your hair so thin?"...It's not like I can do anything about it! I was just born that way. :cursing:

    Oh well...Just have to wait and see what the doctor says. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't some sort of rash or anything or fungal infection like ringworm (I had it in college on my lower back) but my GP looked at it and said it def. wasn't ringworm!