Red Rubber Soles – Vibram, Chic, Soletech, etc.

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    hey guys, i bought the red soles from that eBay seller than everyone was buying them from and they were AMAZING!!

    i just got myself a new pair of CL's and in dying need of red rubber soles (i refuse to wear them without) and this seller doesnt have any! I searched all of eBay- nothing!!

    i even wrote her a PM but she didnt respond

    what to do . . . :girlsigh:
  2. Damier - where are you located? I know that cobblers in NYC, San Fran, and London now have the red rubber soles. But I am sure that you can also ship your shoes to any of these cobblers and they will apply the red soles and ship back to you.

    I am suprised that you liked the red rubber soles that you got from eBay. If you are referring to the ones that I am thinking about (from yummychouchou), I thought they were pretty darn awful. And my cobbler agreed that they were very poor quality and way too thick to be applied to Louboutins. I didn't listed and applied them anyway, now my nude VPs look :nogood:
  3. really? ... i dunno.. i got a pair of booties and the thickness of the sole actually went well with the booties.. plus he shaved it down a little bit so it did not look too bulky.. anyways i live in NY so if you know any good cobblers here please let me know! im just scared that the color of the soles wont be exactlly the same as the shoes.

    Thanks Kamilla850 :love:
  4. Damier, the cobblers that I know of in NYC that have red rubber soles are:
    Shoe Service Plus - but supplies are always limited and you have to ask very nicely for them to do it.
    Jim's Shoe Repair
    Arty's - I have never tried Arty's but there was an article in some magazine about the red soles that he uses.

    I am pretty sure that all of these cobblers get their product from the same supplier, so the sole should be the same shade of red at each of these locations. I think it matches perfectly to the Louboutin red.
  5. i know that a CL forum member had her shoes ruined and she sent them to arty's and they looked good as new (well...not 100% but pretty darn close)
  6. Do you all know if the red rubber soles work for styles like the Wallie (wedge heel mary jane) or the mimette where the entire base of the shoe hits the ground instead of just the front part?
  7. I would love to get my shoe repair store to order the red rubber soles. They have put the tan, brown, and black on several of my other shoes. They told me that they often re-paint the CL shoes. There is even a crazy lady who gets the soles of ALL of her shoes painted red. Stuart Weitzmans, Manolos, Jimmy's, Cole Haan, etc... Dreadful!!!

    A friend of mine advised me to put a clear toe insert that has sticky on the back on the bottom of her CLs. Here is a picture of my shoes and a link to the product. I got mine at Rite Aid. I have only used them once at New Years, so I don't know if they will hold up to everyday wear to protect our beloved red soles. Worth a try....
    Airplus.jpg CL Bootie2.JPG
  8. ^ LOL! that's just too funny! my cobbler suggested i could get the rubber soles painted red to match the CL red soles but i thought that sounded too crazy. anyhooooo, thanks to a lovely tpfer (you know who you are :smile: i now have red soles!! hehe
  9. even though this is OT i still have to share i called my cobbler and they are trying to find red soles but they are having a hard time. I hope they find them cuz i want good ones for my shoes so badly
  10. for the girls that have gotten there sole grips done from ur cobbler in ny or san fran do u think u can check the bottom of the sole and c if there is any sorta company name or anything on it. Cuz if i can help my cobbler track down the company that makes them he can prolly get them.
  11. The soles that my cobbler uses are by Vibram, here is a photo.
  12. Angelie: If you find a clobber around your area with red soles, please give me a PM. Would love to get my shoes protected also!
  13. Thanks u so much Kamilla u are always so helpful:smile: i just emailed that info to my cobbler hopefully he can track them down.
  14. Does anyone know if any shoe repair in LA/Beverly Hills has the red soles? Last I heard Arturo's and Progressive do not. I was wondering if they do now...
  15. Yes, if anyone has any info on the red sole service in LA/BH that would be greatly appreciated!