red/rouge vernis line is it discontinued??

  1. I called 866 VUITTON and there is only one red/rouge pouchette cles left in the US in Seattle...she said it was not discontinued but, there is only one left...what is up with that...framboise is the new colour but, the red goes with more of my bags...does anyone know if it is discontinued the 866 line is useless for this info......
  2. If red/rouge has not already been discontinued it will be shortly. There will be a new red color come this winter (Feb. I think).
  3. I think someone said it's a 'candy apple' red. Sounds very pretty, actually. :yes:
  4. Lilo has one

  5. Do you have a pic Miroir?
  6. I think that they are correct this time. Red/Rouge Vernis was discontinued either earlier this year or late last year. I'll see if I can check the date.
  7. I saw a pic in the celebrity thread
  8. Here we go, the rouge is a very noce color for a cles

  9. Is this really the new red or the current red? Looks liek the current red to me :shrugs:

    Yes, the red has been discontinued for a couple of months now. But I knew LV would have come up with another red as it is one of their most popular color in the Vernis. For the accessories at least.
  10. I heard the Red is already discontinued and I'm sure you all know already but the framboise is soon to follow.

    I asked my store manager about the candy apple red she said it is lovely
  11. I didn't that they are about to do a new red , thanks for the info:flowers:
  12. Is this the new red or the old are the reds going to differ???? What does the discountinued red look like??????
  13. I'm glad to hear that. I only managed to get one Red/Rouge Vernis item. I'd love to see the new Red. Do you know when it is coming out?
  14. some time next year I think feb was mentioned there was also info that there would a heart shaped something (maybe cles???) in the candy apple red vernis for valentines celebrations:love:
  15. Here's my Cles in the old red:


    My Agenda in the same color: