Red Rock and chain

  1. Someone posted this photo in another thread. Does anyone know if this red is a true red, like the Modern Chains, or does it lean more to the burgandy side?

    I have a red modern chain flap that is too small, and this one seems quite a bit larger, but I like the color of my MC.

    Also, anyone know who will carry the red? NM, Saks, BG, Boutiques?
  2. sorry, i forgot to attach the photo, here it is:
  3. Hi! Nordstrom is the only store that ordered the red (flap).
    It is a bit on the deeper side, not a true red, but definately not as dark as their bordeaux shade. I'd say closer to the MC red, maybe a touch deeper.
    The Seattle store's wait list is overly full, but I'm waiting on the CA store's stock (ask for Lori - she's very nice), and when I called I was first on the list, so there may be more openings still. It's a beautiful bag, IMO.
  4. I know at least some Saks are going to have the smaller Rock and Chain hobo in red. I only saw a list with drawings, not a real life bag, though.
  5. I would LOVE to know too! Neither NM or Saks mentioned the red to me.
  6. That is a very cute bag! Love the chains!
  7. wow.... it's a cute red :yes:

  8. Not sure which red it is- but really love the bag
  9. so far i've seen the blk and the white irl, and both are gorgeous, i'm sure the red is going to be stunning. love the chain on this bag
  10. The color code for this red is 81643. Nordie's ordered the red in the smaller flap and both hobo sizes.
  11. I've seen it in black. It's kind of small IMO.
  12. Ohhh 81643 is the color code of the red on my Red medium lambskin with the new bijoux chain...

    Its a ruby red color...not tomato bright but not burgundy either...its a deep red if that makes any sense at all..

    If anyone has this maybe they can show us pics in diff lighting??
  13. I adore this bag in red!!
  14. It's a deep ruby red. I saw one at the Chanel Boutique in SF over the weekend, not sure if they still have it though. It's a really gorgeous bag!!
  15. Here is mine in large size.