Red RM Dream BAg Bloomies...$237 plus ship

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  1. Both are gone :sad:
  2. Keep checking them both the black and red went off and on a few times each, and the ship date was 3 days not 44 days...good luck
  3. I was supposed to get that Midnight Dream bag and instead they sent me a Matinee:yahoo: I was so excited when I noticed I almost fell over. They had it packaged and tagged as the Dream bag though:confused1: I did notice they keep popping up, also they had a great Kooba clutch last night that came out to @ 115!!
  4. I managed to snag a red one....what I wouldn't love for it to be a matinee!! wow what great luck you had...they have a Kooba Kylie black tote up now for 242 (with all the discounts) plus shipping....I need to stay away from there!!

  5. I guess persistence pays off. I clicked on it again and the black one was available, so I ordered it. It came to $300 with shipping.

    Let's hope it ships :smile:
  6. ^^^^Congrats Gymmia......:tup: I called and they said mine was processing..hopefully that is a good sign for us, especially since it said expected ship date 3 days.......I lucked out on the Gustto taupe Baca was 265, but of course tax (Fla) and shipping added 32 bucks =(
  7. Bummer I missed out