Red Rio Bayswater is on its way - keep my newly purchased Black Bayswater as well?

  1. Hey ladies,

    I purchased the Black Bayswater after tracking it down last week. I then found the Red Rio Bayswater (I have wanted that color for so long) on eBay and I purchased it. I heard that Mulberry isn't planning to make red again. So I went with the eBay option.

    Question for you lovely ladies is: Do I keep both the Red and the Black? I'm definitely keeping the Red. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  2. If you can afford to keep both I would!
  3. I agree. If you can afford it, keep both. However, you don't sound as if you really love the black one?
  4. No, I do love the black. When I first saw it and felt it I was so amazed by how well it's crafted!

    I'm just wondering if you guys think there is a justification for both? Then again, I know that many women love their Bayswater(s)! :smile:
  5. I think you'll probably find opportunities/ outfits to justify keeping both. For example the black one could be for work and the red one for 'fun'.
  6. Those colours would work with very different outfits, so I don't see why you could not keep them both - if you love them. If not, sell the one you don't really love and get something you really feel for!
  7. I think you should keep both I have 5 bayswaters a little over the top I know but it is such a classic shape I couldn't stop at 1 :smile:
  8. In that case, def keep both! I have an oak Bayswater and I love it so much I am saving for a black one. It's the perfect bag for me.
  9. As the others have said, if you can afford it then keep both. They will both be very useful and last for years, so think of them as an investment!
  10. The red won't go with everything so you *need* the black too! :lol:
  11. I would keep both. Red IMHO is not an everyday bag so you may end up wanting the black.
  12. You guys are right. There are definitely great uses for both.

    I was looking at my black one this morning and it's so lovely. :smile:
  13. Hey ladies,

    Just checking in to let you know that I'm KEEPING BOTH!!! Couldn't be happier ;)
  14. good for you!! i would've done the same thing...:tup:
  15. was jus posting to say I'm the very lucky owner of three,and it so groovy swopping them around!!! take heart if you have over-stretched yourself a little financally,it won't last forever,and you have two GORGEOUS bags to show for it! I know some crazy girls here in the uk who can spend the cost of a Bayswater on drinking over a weekend with nothing more to show for it than a hangover,crappy skin and broke!!!!