Red RH City

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  1. Hi everyone please help me. I have been longing for Red (any kind of red- Tomato/Rouge Vif/Rouge Vermillion etc) RH city but not sure where I can get it. I am in UK at the moment. I saw one on RDC but that is GSH and me no go so well with GSH. Please help me locating one please:flowers::love:
  2. Did you try Aloha Rag?
  3. Last time I emailed them (1 week ago) they only have GSH Tomato :sweatdrop: I might try emailing them again now.
  4. there is a vermilion city on *bay right now. Hope that helps!
  5. Thank you for your advice. I rushed there and had a look but seller does not ship internationally :push: I feel like crying!!!!
  6. You could always ask? I've had buyers from the UK ask me to ship internationally and I have made exceptions if their feedback was good.
  7. Ah i see :sad: So bad I looked at it and now it's gone >_< I was scared when the listing says no international no exceptions :sad: Thank you very very much though. I hope there will be more soon :heart:
  8. Did you put your name on for wishlist with Ann, AR, RDC, etc? They're all so fab to work with and I know that someone will find you your dream bag soon!
    I'll keep my eyes out for you, too. PROMISE!
  9. You've checked Styledrops, etc?
  10. Can you only purchase online? I saw someone mentioned Saks in New Orleans and Boca Raton might have some. Do you want me to call them?
  11. Thank you so so much everyone in helping me to allocate the bag. :smile: :heart:
  12. I was just coming in here to post about the gorgeous bag on RDC.
    I see it's on hold - I hope it's yours!
  13. hehehe :smile: Yes I actually got it from RDC YEAH!!!!! Thank you very very much everyone for all your help :heart: in finding the red city for me :smile:
  14. Congrats! Rouge Vif is a gorgeous true red!!