Red Reveal from Amsterdam


Oct 26, 2013
It's the Red Camelia WOC! I was so happy to see this one IRL! Amsterdam usually don't have a lot of choice when it comes to WOC bags and I've never seen a red one.

However I do have some doubts if I should keep or return it
- I love the Camelia pattern so much!
- The red color is exactly what I want, it's perfect!
- It has silver hardware, I love gold but it doesn't exist in gold. It doesn't really match my clothes or style, I always have gold so the silver kinda bothers me
- I usually wear dark jeans, I'm afraid for color transfer with a red WOC and thinking that maybe it's better to find a medium flap in red with ghw

What do you think?

I am sad if I have to return it. I bought it because they only had one, in all the months I've been going to Chanel checking the WOC bags I've never seen the red camelia, usually they only have the black lamb with shw or some other colors that I don't like.



May 17, 2014
It's gorgeous! :loveeyes:

Hear what you're saying - I'm also a dark jeans person, I get it - if they've been washed enough it should be OK. Especially if you don't wear the bag every day and if you alternate how you wear the bag.

On GHW/SHW - I'd personally *not* want this particular WOC in GHW, it's fresher with SHW. Have you tried it on with a couple of outfits? Why not post some modelling pics? It's been on your wishlist for a while and you've a couple of reasons why you do love it, so I'd first research how often you could wear it before returning. Because indeed 'our' store hardly ever has this in stock!
Dec 29, 2012
I think you listed plenty of why you love it and you love this red.... Why not try it w some of your wardrobe like a previous poster suggested and see if it goes w what you have. I think color transfer isn't a big issue unless you intent to wear this daily. If this is a once in a while type bag then I think you should strongly consider keeping.


Feb 19, 2011
USA, California
This WOC is a keeper! Very beautiful and would look fantastic with summer dresses too (less chance for color transfer than from jeans)! Congrats and enjoy! Don't return this beauty......