Red-related Valentine Hermes thread!

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  1. Okay, ladies, I know this is a SICK thought, but I brought it up the other day and nobody saw it because I mentioned it in a more low-profile thread and I really wanna know!

    If there were a fire in your house/apt., would you remember to grab your H on the way out? Or for those of you in the 10+ range, would you be able to carry them all out or would you just forget it and run?

    :shame: I'm a little embarrassed to admit before I go to bed I put whatever bag my wallet and passport are in near the bed in case there's a fire and so much smoke I can't see - I'll know EXACTLY where it is. Am I a lunatic, or what? I keep them all in the same armoire until the new place is done and they'll have their special wall cabinet, but I don't think I could rescue them all without the help of my DH! And forget about the ones that aren't in the same residence as I am!

    What do YOU do? :heart: :heart: :heart: and by the way, happy Valentine's Day!
  2. OMG!! That is so funny you mentioned this I was drying my hair, my mind was wandering, and I thought wow, what if there was a surge and a fire started here in the master bathroom. I than thought OMG, GRAB my son, yell for the dogs, and GRAB my new Hermes!!!
  3. Lady E, I do the same thing. My H bag is right by my bed on a chair. I did not used to do this pre-H and I did not consciously do it post-H. You just opened my eyes!!!
  4. I had a fleeting thought while we were all out of town for 5 awful it would be if something happened to the house and I lost all my other doesn't seem right but's our passion I guess!
  5. Are you kidding me? I have a precise order as to what I grab! :p I have a big cotton tote, a really really big one, beside my bed. First all of my rings (kept in a single leather case), necklaces dumped out of drawer, the items beside my bed (antique pieces my Dad has given me) dumped in. BF grabs the chihuahuas in a blanket. Through living room, dump in the ever important Ugly Face Jugs (my most expensive pieces), and 4 select antique books that have sentimental value, kept by the door. Grab purse that sits in front of door (has all of my stuff in it, make up, cards, even my dog's medical records/tags). After that, I grab whatever is the most expensive and safest to get to. If I had more than one Hermes bag...Yes, I'd grab them all. I just buy a bigger tote :biggrin: And BF can carry the Chi's in one arm and bags in the other :p

    If you're a lunatic, then I'm batsh** crazy, because I have planned this down to the T, and keep everything important in specific places :shame:
  6. Oh dear Lord all I want to do is remember to take the kid......and that's after I grab the bags first!

  7. Thanks for a chuckle! It's good to know I'm not the ONLY one! ha ha.:roflmfao:
  8. Well...I figure if I lost them all there would be many shopping days ahead...something to look forward to, I guess... :shame:

  9. Neeya, you ARE crazy, honey! I'm laughing so hard. It took me at least two minutes to read everything you were grabbing! What if you only have 30 seconds to dash to the door? I fear your antique books may not make it!!! But at least you'll have your necklaces...but what the heck is ugly face jugs???
  10. Oh, should "issue" is not at home, but on airlines...could I grab my bag in case of an emergency (know you are not supposed to...but...I wear high heels on airplanes too...something bad about punctures on the slide I guess)... I hate to think I might get in someone's way think about exit with my H bag...
  11. You're very grounded, Socal. A good influence on all of us!:smile: :heart:
  12. p.s. on airplanes, absolutely! I'd do that first thing. Why leave it to die a watery death??? god help us!
  13. All of my H bags are kept in my bedroom closet. The DH and I say that we would toss them all out the bedroom window if a fire happened downstairs and we were upstairs.

    That being said, I think I would honestly be too concerned about all the other mementos that don't have a price but are irreplacable ( wedding album, photos of DHs and My trip across the US, baby's first rattle, or the outfit I took her home in, photos of my first dog long gone), I would forget the really costly stuff. Whatever I could get out, I would mourn the mementos I couldn't.

    I'm with emanu, I'd have a baby, three dogs, three cats, and some fish to have to get out.
  14. if there's a fire breakout, the 1st thing in my mind is to escape together with my dh & maids & black croc birkin 50 containing; braise croc jpg, vert pale croc birkin 35, vert anis croc JPG, barenia croc birkin 35 & ivoire croc birkin 35 (since i've been placing all of them inside, easy 4 me to grab).

    the rest, i have to say bye-bye, burnt by the fire.
  15. if there was a fire {GOD FORBID!!!}:angel::angel: i would have a terrible time deciding what to rescue. i would be panicking and disoriented and probably running around like a chicken with my head cut off dropping boxes everywhere and cursing because i'm ocd and like having my boxes in good condition too. of course the Hermes and the jewlery would be first but i've got a crazy shoe collection and Lanvin to think of too! oh my i think id probably freak.