Red Reissue....thoughts...

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  1. I've also been wanting a red bag for a while too....what are your thoughts on this red reissue 225? How big is the 225, anyone know? [​IMG]
  2. I love the red. Such a rich beautiful color.
  3. OMG I love that!! :drool:
  4. I have a black anniversary reissue in the small size - it's approx 9 x 7 x 3. Pretty color!
  5. yummy.... thats all i can say....
  6. Is this classified as Red or Bordeaux? It is so pretty.
  7. Really lovely, I'd get it.
  8. go for it.
    I am def. loving my reissue more than the classic flaps.

    its got "some magic" factor associated so get it!
  9. I :heart: the color! its so hard to find the perfect red but this is sooo pretty.
  10. here's a couple of pictures of my black one - appears to be the same size as yours. I would get it!!!! It's an amazing purse - the chain really makes it I think :P


  11. Okay, I just bought two bags! I bought the red one in 226. Nordstrom seattle has the 255 left in red if anyone wants it! Ask for Fredrick! Here's the SA modeling it for me!!!
  12. I love that color.
  13. I was told red....
  14. is this one from 05 or 06? just curious.....
  15. I'm not 100% sure...the SA said it was newer stock in an older model....I think it is from 05 though....I remember him saying something like that.