Red Red Red the PERFECT RED ...........Come see

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  1. I have been in search for the perfect red bag FOREVER! Well after looking and looking and not wanting to spend a fortune I found this and went for it.

    Its soft and smooshie leather, Light and goes over the shoulder easy.. I LOVE IT !
    03-30-2008 001.jpg 03-30-2008 006.jpg 03-30-2008 002.jpg 03-30-2008 004.jpg
  2. Congratulations, is realy nice.
  3. Congrats! the red color is very nice on this one and looks great on you!
  4. Which designer makes it? It's very nice.
  5. Great color!! Looks very soft too! Congrats!
  6. Nice! Looks really smooshy. I like that in a bag.
  7. HEHE its from aldo, it was 120$
    and yes its leather not pleather.
  8. Thank you all, I just LOVE IT!!!!
  9. really cute bag...Enjoy!
  10. GREAT color! I can appreciate how difficult it is to find the perfect red!
  11. ^^ agree! Red just isnt red...
  12. You will come to know that it is more versatile than you think.....
  13. ^^ awesome thanks :biggrin:
  14. I wouldn't have expected that from Aldo....nice! Congrats on finding the perfect red!
  15. I love that color. Congrats on the great find!