RED! RED! RED! Please Show PICS Of Your RED Bags!!!

  1. Hi Ladies!

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I am searching for a RED bag!
    I am usually hanging out in the Balenciaga and Chanel forum's - and of course Lurking in Hermes, LOL! - I have my eye on a Red Balenciaga, but before I decide, I would love to see pics of everyone's choices!

  2. i'm also into red bags right now. my wardrobe is 99.9% black, and the black bag with black clothing look is boring me to tears.

    can't wait to see the pics!
  3. My favorite red bag all dressed up:

  4. VERY nice!! I love the scarves on bags! Thanks! :flowers:
  5. I know you're not asking for shoes but I think these qualify as Valentine's Day Kicks:

  6. I don't have any red bags:blah:

    but the ladies on the H forum think I should get a rouge H box Kelly/Birkin with pall h/w....:love:
  7. Everyone should have one good red bag! I'm still searching for mine.

  8. Oh YES! by all means, GET IT!!! :yes: Definitely with PH!
  9. The vernis pomme d' amour LV bags on elux??
  10. ah, I have just taken delivery of this gorgeous red Chloe paddy with matching wallet :biggrin:

  11. :heart: Here are mine they are Brighton's.:heart:

    corazon.jpg hilda.jpg
  12. Here's me and my Rouge Vif City :smile:
    ZXZNovemberBEGINN 0202.JPG
  13. Oh, everyone has such beautiful, FUN red bags! and shoes!!

    Keep em comin ladies!
  14. Love everyone's red bags!!