Red Quilted Chanel- Just a Dream?

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  1. HI!!!

    So I've yet to purchase any Chanel Handbags because I am waiting for my ultimate dream: a red leather quilted with gold HW. I would even settle for silver HW cause it goes with my coloring but I haven't seen red in the collection for the past few years (except for the perforated orange-red last year which was too casual....)! Attatched is my inspiration photo. Does anyone have any inside dish? I stalk the Chanel store in my city to no avail.....

    *btw, I also, LOVE the shape of the bag in this photo. Does anyone know which style this is? It looks too much like a briefcase/portfolio shape to be a jumbo classic.

    ok that's all- any Chanel expertise would be appreciated!!!!

    j :jammin:

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  2. It is the jumbo but it is a vintage bag if I'm not mistaken...
    Anyway, I think that the best way to obtain it is either eBay if you're willing to pay well above retail if it does pop up or just waiting. I'm sure they will release a red again at some point... there will be a dark red for fall in lambskin but I think time is really the only thing you can do. Reds are just long gone.
  3. sigh. i figured. i find that most red ebay chanel bags aren't reliable as authentic as most owners are smart and want to keep them :smile: but thanks for the insight. it's seems to be all about the orange and deep red lately! but i'll wait for you forever chanel!!!

  4. oh sweetie i have been wanting this bag for so so so long! it'll never happen i've come to realize.
  5. the bag in the picture is the classic flap. ive been desperately searching for this bag, and whenever i bring up the possibility of a red flap at a boutique they just simply laugh. i dont even think my SA has even seen one IRL. the red flaps are easier to access in the US compared to Canada due to "different markets" or so ive been told.
  6. I've seen them several times on Ebay... if you're willing to go the ebay route, I think you would be more successful. I think Nicole's bag is vintage btw.
  7. There will be a red lambskin flap released for pre-fall. I think the chain has the leather interwoven in the straps. I think it's a dark red though, but something to consider.
  8. sigh. thanks for all of the feedback! yes, my local Chanel SA has little hopes for the bright red in the near future. but i'll hold out. Chanel is forever....(but given all of this recent feedback maybe i WILL make my first Chanel Handbag splurge on the black caviar jumbo classic!)

  9. I think someone has posted this before to check abt this bag too. It's a vintage double-sided jumbo lambskin flap. Very rare and hard to pops up, so far i only seen one that was sold on ebay like 1-2 yrs back for ard USD2400+
  10. It's not a dream, it exists, but is vintage. True red flaps are in a LOT of our dreams ;) -I'm still crossing my fingers that Chanel will release a true red caviar or lambskin sometime soon. Dark red is coming in fall, but it doesn't look quite like the red in your pic. Like others have said, if you're willing... you need to go the ebay or consignment route if you want to snag this bag.
  11. ooooh red caviar would be AMAZING! I give it 5 years...... :jammin: