Red Python Bargain is Here (pics)

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  1. OK, y'all know I had been crushing on python (it just came over me suddenly, like an illness). I found a red python bag on EBay that is obviously a pseudo-Zagliani puffy bag but could not resist. It was $245 plus shipping from Hong Kong. Well, after the fastest shipping ever, she arrived.

    Tell me, ladies (and gentlemen), what do you think of her? The first two are with flash and the third is without:



  2. Oh, I just started taking ballroom dancing lessons and she is accompanying me tonight!
  3. It's gorgeous, and what a deal! How does it feel?
  4. Very nice and soft. The skin doesn't feel very thick, which is to be expected at this price. (I used to have a Chloe Silverado and the python felt more substantive.) I'm just going to enjoy it because the color is divine.
  5. It looks beautiful, the color is amazing.
  6. At a tenth of the price of the Zagliani, I think you will enjoy the heck out of it just for that alone!

    That shipping time was incredible. I was wondering the other day how long it would take to get to you -- I am too squeamish to buy things when the item location says somewhere in Asia.

    You've done it again, Rondafaye!

    BTW, I think your python crush is contagious because now I want something too...though I have not yet decided what.
  7. Thanks, everyone. I carried the bag tonight and love it. The color is great.

    I also found an amazing Web site, just doodling around on the Internet. Amazing prices for vintage exotics.

    I see many I like!
  8. Hahahahaha! Just like Detective Columbo and his doddering around asking stray questions, huh?

    Do you have some special product for python/snake care?
  9. No, but that site I mentioned does. I might order it.
  10. I was thinking about exotics lately, and then today on QVC - I know, I know, but the ONLY thing on at 1pm is their "What's Your Bag" hour - they featured Nina Ray exotic bags. I was NOT impressed by the style, but I was shocked and kind of interested to see STING RAY SPINE as an exotic material. How weird!
  11. I saw an alligator purse today that had little alligator feet "daintily" crossed. That's weird.
  12. Absolutely gorgeous color- congrats!
  13. hot bag!! love red. I bet it looks great on the dancefloor!
  14. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. That's a great bag! Love the color.