Red purses - Kooba or otherwise

  1. This is really more of a general fashion advice question. With all the talk lately about the beautiful red Kooba Elisha, and so many people having one, I thought you ladies might be able to help me with this question. I am contemplating getting a red purse (actually a Botkier Bianca in cherry), but I am trying to decide if a red bag will really be at all practical in my wardrobe (doesn't necessarily have to be absolutely practical, since clearly I don't need any more handbags!) I have some red clothes, I guess a moderate amount, but I'm not sure that helps much, since if the reds don't go together exactly, that won't work. I think red would like nice against grays and blacks for a pop of color. Other than that I'm not sure. So to you all who have red purses - do you find yourself getting much use out of them? What colors do you wear them with?
  2. I love red! I found a red Coach pebbled leather bag that was originally 400 something that I got for about 120 that I love. I wear it with black, grey, blues, with jeans, browns, white. I think red looks great with just about anything other than pale pastels (i.e. pink, mint green).
  3. I'm in agreement with elizat. I have the red Elisha and it's so incredibly versatile I wear it with everything. Like I know you've heard it's not a true bright red, but more muted and burgandy (sp?) I guess I do tend to wear more grey's, black..darker colors now taht the weather is changing. good luck!!
  4. I have tons of red bags, in every shade there is. I find red to be a staple in my wardrobe, bags, clothes, outerwear and shoes. You can put a red bag w/any mono neutral and have a great look. Wait til you see a hot, red bag against a pair of charcoal gray pants and a charcoal cashmere sweater!!!!! :drool:
  5. I love red!! I agree with previous posters, it would look great with anything except for pastels.
  6. I think you guys almost have me convinced! I feel like the red Elisha may be a good judge, which is why I asked here, since the Botkier Bianca seems to be a similar red (see this listing in eBay for a large Bianca. I am thinking of a medium, but the color is the same But I just found out I may be able to get an olive, which is the other color I was considering, so now I have a tough choice to make. It seems like the olive may be more neutral, and therefore maybe I would get more use out of it, but you all have made a good argument for wearing red with a lot of things.
  7. I have the Red Elisha and the Cherry Bot Bag!!! I love these red bags. They go with practically everything unless you are very anal and matchy matchy with your clothes and bags.
  8. I'm not super matchy matchy, but I also admittedly don't have incredible fashion instinct, hence my looking to you all for some guidance! I tend to stick to neutrals and blacks and grays, and a lot of green for some reason. Although I like red too. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that those bags go with a lot. Since you have both, how does the color of the Elisha compare to the Botkier cherry?
  9. I especially love red with dark brown. That way you can even wear it with a bit of baby blue.
  10. Similar white the Elisha has hints of blue the Botkier has hints of wine. I love them both since they are two totally different styles of bags.
  11. Speaking as someone who also does not own a red bag, I think either the Elisha or the Bianca would be a great choice. The Elisha is more casual to me, thought certainly can be dressed up. The Bianca is more tailored and would be a great going-to-the-office bag. (Personally, I'm drooling a bit over the Botkier Sasha in red right now.)
  12. I love red! I have a red clutch that I carry almost every time I go out! It goes with SO many things!
  13. Well I went for it! I ordered the Bianca in cherry. You all convinced me that red was a good way to go!

    (So much for bag bans. I guess I will start that again. . .now). :blush:
  14. I'm banned too right now.. :sad: