red poppy mahala vs black pony kasia?

  1. Hi All,

    Need all of your opinion on which bag is better: red poppy mahala or the black pony kasia. I am using other people's pictures so I hope they do not mind (sorry). Saw them both IRL and they both looked really beautiful!
    Mahaha_poppy.JPG pony kasia.jpg
  2. I love love love the Poppy!! :tup: between the two, that is my favorite. :yes:
  3. POPPY!!! all the way!
    I've seen it in person and its GORGEOUS!!!!
  4. The red poppy is TDF in person. I missed out on the bright blue Mahala, but I think I have a new love. Based on what I can see bright colors will be big for shoes and handbags in the spring. I still see that bag as a long term keeper because it is always in fashion to have a splash of bright color to set off neutrals.
  5. The red poppy!! :love:
  6. You can't beat a red bag. I am not nuts about pony hair although it looks like a nice bag.
  7. Well, I have Poppy the Mahala, and she is beautiful. But then again, my favorite color is red. Both bags are completely different. Pony is harder to care for than leather.
  8. I love the color of poppy but just seem to have too many mahalas...and the Kasia looks much nicer IRL, it is surprisingly a very light bag.

    But then again, I guess poppy mahala looks completely like a different bag compared to other mahala.

    Aaaahhh so many bags so confusing...
  9. Is the dongle on the front heavy? I seem to remember reading that from someone else about the Kasia.
  10. It has a weight but not too heavy. I think the bag looks nice also because of this dongle.
  11. I agree, I love it (the dongle, or whatever they call it) but I personally don't like pony bags. jmcadon has one that's in brown suede I think ?? It looks gorgeous! she must have been the one that mentioned the weight thing. If they'd bring it out in a smooth leather, I think I'd have to have it. :smile:
  12. I think you are right, i like the style but the pony thing is not really appealing, but if it comes out in leather, that would be TDF

    Thanks everybody, I will ponder some more.
  13. hanei--i agree with most, the poppy mahala is beautiful.:love: i say wait for the kasia until a leather version comes out.;)

    now, on a side note, i feel like i'm 12 years old with my sense of humor, but i am teeheeing at the word, dongle.....:upsidedown: i might have to get a kasia down the road just so i can "own" a dongle....:graucho:
  14. I like red poppy too, and leather is easier to care for than pony hair.
  15. Dongle? I own a bag with a Dongle? Is that really what it is called? I agree with you Mick, that word makes me think of things I laughed about in junior high and had no idea of their real meaning!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: