Red Pomme D'amour Heart Sold on Ebay

  1. I want to have the MC one.

    **This seller bag price is very bloody, isn't it???**
  2. ack... eBay:yucky: What a mark up! Couldn't the buyer have waited just 1 more week?
  3. It's the price to pay to get it before anyone!:yes:
  4. Yup this has been posted a few times before...

    This thing is so cute!
  5. yup and to 100% sure you've got your hands on one....
    some ppl cant wait hehehe :love:
  6. very pretty! the perle and framboise one is also on eBay. oh and the mc one too
  7. ^^They are cute, but I would just as well wait. Knowing me I would probably get maybe 2 of the 4 colors available. Seens a shame to waste that much money when you can add more to your collection.
  8. What will be the retail price of these?
  9. maybe the seller was not on the waitlist? maybe thats why they paid that much!?:wtf:
    how much are they supposed to be when they come out in the boutiques??:confused1:
    do you think you will able to get one if your not wait listed? i hope so! i want one now!:love:
  10. $350
  11. Very cute, but super expensive!
  12. I so can't wait to get mine..I think I'm waitlisted for either the Pink or Red..either one I don't care which I get, they are just all so beautiful..but now I want the MC one along with my vernis!!
  13. $350usd
  14. The new Valentines pastilles key rings are on ebay as well (red and white), selling for about $450. Whatever the market will bear I guess. Maybe counting on people being unaware that LV has a toll-free number where anyone can order almost anything, or that you can call stores and get on wait lists, etc, if LV is not convenient to you.

    I want the red pastilles key ring. It will look hot on my Roxbury, I think.