Red pocket paddy--should I buy it or not?

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  1. My friend bought this bag on sale, and she finally decided not to keep it,and offered it to me for $780(it's brand new), the bag looks like following:

    I like it, but since I never see it IRL, I have no idea how big it is. Could anyone give me help with it? If anyone has any photos of modelling pics with this Bag, could you please post it in this thread?
    Thank you all so much~~~:smile:
  2. gorgeous, but heavy! You would have to love it love it love it alot to put up with the weight! The pocket is convenient though:p eh, i'm no help!
  3. i had that bag in jaune (sunflower) from NM and returned it b/c i felt the bag was small and the lock made the bag sink in, so the shape ends up looking nothing like the pics online...hope this helps:smile:
  4. I personally love the front pocket paddy. I have several of the regular satchels too but I think the front pocket has more character and if you love the color I would not hesitate for that price. I don't zip it at all, I just throw the lock over and the weight of it holds the opening closed. It rides well on the shoulder and is still about the same size as the medium satchel, I say go for it if you love the color. (I love anything red)
  5. I own two FP satchels (one medium/one large) and love them as much as (or more) than my classic Paddies. You'll recieve so many compliments its weight will be hardly noticeable after wearing it once or twice.
    Red is a yummy flavor and the price can't be beat: I say snag it! :jammin:
  6. Nice. Very Nice!
  7. Oops. My apologies.
  8. I can't seem to get this right. I receive an error message.
  9. Goofed yet again.
  10. My computer is melting!:nuts:
  11. Thanks everybody, the forum closed this afternoon and I just came back with 9 replying posts(although I figured 6 of them are from CHLOEBELENCIAGA,:p), you are so sweet and helpful!
    Now I see this bag is heavier than the classic paddy, much heavier maybe. And what else? I will be waiting for more advice. Thanks~~~
  12. I love the Handbag but not at all sure about the colour. Im more into colours that last more than one season. I know my paddys are heavy but having never seen this bag IRL i cant comment.
  13. I just used my front pocket today and didn't put too much in, wallet and cell phone and bottle of vitamins. It was a bit heavier than my Red medium satchel, but I wore it on my shoulder as I was grocery shopping. It was fine, and I like the pocket for phone and business cards and lipgloss. I think it is blanc 06, not white- more beige. I still want a white one! I think if you carry it in the crook of your arm it might get heavy, or if you overfill it. On those website pics of the bags, they have them stuffed so much, mine just flops around. If you wanted it to look like the online photos, you'd have to stuff it so much that it would probably tire your arm!
  14. I have one in the colour roche. I adore it and don't find it particularly heavy. It looks much better when it is not stuffed out like the one in the photo. It is one of my favourites!
  15. Thanks everyone for your help! I dig into the paddy reference thread and found this pic of a TPFer. The bag looks really large:wtf:, larger than my expectation I have to say, although I'm a tall girl (5'9), I'm a little hesitate about it now. What do you think?:confused1:

    paddy porté.jpg