Red, pink, lilac/lt blue, or classic white

  1. Help! Have navy and black chanel already, need to know: given choice of classic flap, lambskin, which should I go for? Red, pale blue/lilac, pink, or the classic white? Also, how important is strap? Have seen some without chain, just leather.(All mine have chain) Please help me with color choice! Like to have the best to star:confused1::yes:t with, can always add the others. Replies appreciated!
  2. I would have to go with the blue or white but I bet everyone else is gonna say red.
  3. Red or white with new chain.
    I only like the old chain (woven chain) on black.
  4. I've have to say red or white, although since you're getting it in lambskin, I'm not sure if white would be a good choice.
  5. ditto.
  6. I would say red or lilac/blue.
  7. Ask a Libra and get something like this:

    I want to say red or white and it's not to say blue wouldn't be a fine choice as well. I will stipulate white only in caviar for ease of keeping pristine. Other factors to consider are the climate where you live and your wardrobe.

    Oh, nothing wrong with lilac or pink either but you'll use them less often than the other choices presented. Oh, buy them all. It's better than putting your money in the stock market at this point. (Just kidding, really I am.)
  8. I like White if it's a darker white, not so brite, just like the reissue white or the red if it's a true red or bordeaux not an orange red! Sometimes you have to wait for the right season for the color you want! The other colors are nice too but pastels not as wearable.
  9. I guess I will pick lilac/blue as well as red, but I prefer lilac/blue over red. :p
  10. What a great forum! You are all great! I was going to buy pink, but white and red are classics, and everybody seems to think red (in the right shade) is always desirable (and usuually top dollar!) Blue would have to be a gorgeous shade, I have Navy. By the way, ARTbag in NY, who restores the finest bags, told me, believe it or not that lambskin is more durable than caviar! That is his opinion (don't know if he is manager or whatever). Sure I'd buy them all, as an investment!LOL
  11. lilac or red! if u don't mind me ask, where do u find the lilac/blue available? i've been searching high and low for them :p:
  12. if you can find one - I would say red lambskin, its got to be one of theeee most gorgeous chanels
  13. my first choice would be red..
    then followed by pink and lilac..not white though since it's lambskin
  15. I think white or red will be a nice addition to your collection :smile: