Red Patent tote... vs. hobo & color question

  1. I'm in the need or ("want") of RED Patent!! I'm no where NEAR any Coach - so seeing and trying on in real life is not an option.

    Those of you who have these... pros and cons of the Hobo Vs the Tote??

    I DO have the Ergo Tote in the scarf print (the browns/blues) and I DO like it!

    Also, in terms of the RED color..... I have a few Vuitton Pomme d'Amour acessories and I'm wondering if this coach red is close to the same color- so I can coordinate them??(HOPE HOPE!!)

    Thank you.... thank you!!:heart: (you guys are just the BEST enablers!- ha!):graucho:
  2. get the red patent hobo! you already have an ergo tote right... plus it is to die for and slouches rediculously well!!

    as for the red... its kind of a tad darker than the pomme i think.. but it can match
  3. I too think the hobo is a great choice!
  4. the hobo is a great choice.
  5. HOBO HOBO HOBO! holds so much but is really lightweight and all comfy and slouchy

    LOVE this bag. If you click on the link in my sig it shows the link to the thread where I posted pics of me modeling mine
  6. hobo, it's easier on the shoulder!!
  7. Hobo! :smile: And I think that the red patent and pomme would look good. :yes:
  8. Sounds llike HOBO so far... by a "landslide".....
    one more note... I'm not "young"... old enough to be most of your mother's probably..... LOL...... so.. hobo style still OK for a "HOT"(not just"hot flash" ha!) middle aged mom?!
  9. yes.

    I'm not old, but I'm not as young as some on here, I'm in my late 20's.

    but, I don't like the young stuff, I think this bag is a classic lovely bag. I've worn it with jeans, sweats, and a bit more dressed up just tonight for dinner out with dh family.

    I've said it before, but I'll say it again, this is my favorite purse by any designer ever. hands down.
  10. HOBO! I absolutely love the ergo hobos! The patent is so gorgeous in red! I would deff go for the red patent hobo :yes:
  11. The RED Patent Hobo is Gorgeous! It's a deeper true red that is not bright. I LOVE mine!

    Buy it, since you can always return or exchange it. But once the red is gone, you don't want to have regrets!

    By the way, I'm approaching the half century mark and the Patent Hobo in RED is Killer!
  12. YEA>>>> someone else approaching the half century mark!!!! (I'm NOT alone here!!:yahoo:)
    Thanks for your opinions.. you are all GREAT!!:heart:
    >>>>> I think I see a Red Patent HOBO in my near future!! Just wish I had a store... and pce... etc... to make it a little less painful!!
  13. Get the Ergo Patent Hobo in the color of your choice.
    I own it in Mahogany and it is a really hot bag. It is really sharp looking and I don't know that I will be wearing anything else from my collection this summer except for my White Ali. Get the bag, you won't regret it. I think JAX just has around 150 of these bags now in the red color. Mahogany I believe is sold out.
    They most certainly won't be found at the Outlets in all likelihood.
  14. i have the red hobo, my vote goes to that.
    I haven't carried it yet though because I'm afraid too.
    it just looks so huge on me.
  15. :heart::heart:
    How funny, I just loaded up my new patent red ergo hobo and it is PERFECT holds a ton and is super cofortable on my arm. PLUS I also just got two new LV Patent Pomme d'Amour items and did not think I would be using them together but they definitley GO. I wish I could post pics but can't today - you should apsolutley get the red patent ergo hobo!:tup: