Red Patent Ramona!! OMG!!

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  1. Hi ladies.. i just saw this bag in i LOVE it!!! what do u think??:nuts:

  2. I was drooling over this bag on BG's website :drool:. I LOVE it! If you're thinking about getting one, go for it :tup:.
  3. ^^ Yes Yes I am!!! Anyone knows if its available at any boutique in the US?? The website says 10/08/07 delivery
  4. Hermes Junkie that is such a GREAT choice and the color is amazing - such a great red! I don't know if Jimmy Choo has an 800 # but you could go to their website and look as a boutique might be able to get you the bag sooner - Good Luck :smile:.
  5. OMG Hermes Junkie:drool::drool::drool: this bag is TDF:tup:
    I would call a SA @ a local Jimmy Choo store and ask for a presale, that way when they get the first bag in, they will call you. If you don't have a local JC store (I don't) then feel free to call my Wonderful SA in Chicago.
    She will send you info and photos of any items you might be interested in and when she gets the bag, she will phone you immediately:party:

    Casey is @ 312-255-1170

    Good luck
  6. In my experience, you should stake out a JC boutique, call them often about the bag's availablility, and *RUN* to get it when it comes in.

    Last summer, after I first saw a pic of the F/W 06 bordeaux patent Ramona, I rushed to buy it on July 31, as soon as it came out. I never regretted it, because the bag sold out very quickly and was hard to find within a matter of weeks.

    I think that JC purposely only makes small numbers of their *extra hot* bags available to increase demand (and frustration!)

  7. ^^ Cosmopolitan.. I have Patent Riki in bordeaux, I agree HOT HOT bag.. it took me months to locate one but it was definitely worth it!!

    I would kill for the blue or black patent!! and now i see the red:nuts:

    robynbenz.. I will do that!! I will give her a call right now!! I just hope they ship international!!:sweatdrop:
  8. ^ Hermesjunkie, good luck. Hope everything will work out. =)

    Bordeaux patent ramona/riki are stunning!!!
  9. :drool::drool::drool: OMG!!!

    What a gorgeous gorgeous bag!
  10. Omg, Think This Is A Must Have!!
  11. that bag is so pretty!
  12. I love it. I think the fall collection in patent leather is really fabulous.
  13. WHY WHY WHY, oh HermesJunkie must you print this picture? I never thought I was much of a patent fan... and then you go and print a near pornographic picture of a hot red patent Ramona!!!:P:nuts::wtf:
  14. The red patent is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::sweatdrop::roflmfao:

    Oh Blondecat, you kill me. I can't wait until we meet:yahoo: