Red Patent Question

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  1. I really like the Red Patent Ergo, but it is too big for me. Do they have a smaller size or another style of the patent red?
  2. There is also a red patent tote. Not sure if that comes in different sizes.
  3. I think the red patent ergo tote comes in the medium sized tote. I have the red patent ergo hobo and I am only 5'1'' and I don't think it is too large for me. The bag is really slouchy and looks a lot smaller on me than it does just sitting/laying there. (I loved this bag so much that I also got it in the turquoise leather!)
  4. Ditto for me. I am 5'3" but very petite and the large ergos look fine since they slouch (I have a red patent and a turquoise), even though the large Carlys are definately too big.
  5. I have the red patent tote and and the black and white patent ergos. The tote is definitely smaller than the hobo, although it does hold quite a bit. Here are a couple of pics to compare.
    coach patent 010.JPG whitecoach patent 008.JPG
  6. It's all about the slouchiness with the hobo. It looks much bigger sitting on a table than when you wear it. It doesn't feel like a big bag at all.
  7. Thanks ladies, and big thanks for the pictures! I just don't think I could fill up the Large Ergo, I may have to pack my bag full and go try my stuff on in the display.
  8. Definitely try that! Let us know what you think!
  9. Kiari-
    I viewed your collection and if you typically use those bags, I don't think you will have a problem with the large ergo hobo. In fact, I don't think you would want to "fill it up" or it won't look as pretty on. I just carry a wallet, makeup bag, credit card/business card holder (in the front pouch for easy access), cell phone (very thin krazr in front pouch), hand sanitizer, and small lotion. and of course keys.
  10. I say if you love it, and you think it looks good then it should be all yours regaurdless of the size. Im only 5ft 2 and own 2 carlys in the large size even though they are really big.