red patent or kid

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  1. Anyone see anything in red patent or kid lately?
  2. I bought a pair of red patent simple pumps in 85 mm a couple months ago!
  3. td's red patent simples were very cool! :tup:
  4. Just my red patent simple 70mms. And the red patent glitter "python" privatitas!
  5. aww...thank you! :heart:
  6. Patent!!! Kid leather gets dirty soooo quick...
  7. i just saw red (wine) rolando's at barneys but they were small sizes.
  8. Seen a few about recently :yes:

    Saw the En Passant in red patent on Barney's website - very cute. Also like the Coxinelle at Saks.

    Not sure about the wedge from NM - can't make up my mind - what do you guys think?

    Saw the red kid Miss Marple on Bluefly and red patent flats at Saks but those don't really do it for me :shrugs:

    Also posted an Eventa MJ in red patent on HTF thread - only a 37 left

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  9. The Coxinelles come in red. Also there is a glitter patent NP in red.