Red Patent Miu Miu on CBS Early Show as this seasons IT bag!

  1. They just interviewed the bag lady from Lucky Magazine this morning at 8:20 EST on CBS Early Show and she stated this season's MUST BUY is a red patent leather bag!
    Said it's trendy, might not want it next season but you must buy it for this one! lol :yahoo: :wlae:

    They highlighted the YSL downtown shopper in straw which I had never seen also. And some Lamb bags.

    I took photos of the TV with my cell phone. LOL

    Vernice Spring Satchel/Bag



  2. I love the shape but I don't like it in patent leather. Just not my thing. I really want the dark brown leather version of this one.
  3. I'm not a patent fan either but it sure looked good on TV! lol
  4. Sort of like the red patent Gauffre. No thanks.....
  5. i am so sad that i sold this beauty. :sad:
  6. I absolutely love this bag, but just can't justify spending that much on patent!
  7. Love red, but not too much in patent. I love the shape of the bag, though!
  8. I tried on a red patent bag at Prada on Friday - it was soooo cute, but I don't wear much colors so I passed. Super cute though - like shiny red lipstick, loved it.
  9. Thanks for sharing. =)

    I prefer the regular leather version.
  10. Do they make this in red plain leather? I'd love red. Just no shiny on mine please. hehe
  11. ^^^I wish they did! I love the deerskin leather on my new red Prada. It pops without being "in your face" like the red patent does.
  12. There's a red patent continental wallet at NAP:

    Red patent leather rectangular wallet with gold logo on the front. Miu Miu wallet has press stud fastening flap on the front and open to reveal a zip fastening pocket for coins and sections for cards and notes. $270.00USD.

    A vibrant fabulous way to carry your cards and coins. Great gift idea.

  13. am i only the only patent leather fan here? I loveoveovovoveovoev patent leather, and I love red!!! (fendi b-bag in patent red, anyone?!) :nuts:

    However, the bag looks a little lumpy...not sure if it's the quality of the picture, but I like a firmer patent-leather, such as the wallet. (which is stunning as well)
  14. Chri5 ~ I love patent leather, too, but only certain kinds. I don't *love* the Miu Miu patent leather bags, though I DO love their leather bags. I was at Saks today and they had a decent amount of Miu Miu patent leathers -- but I think they distract from the bag styles.

    I love LV for patent - vernis. I have two LV vernis bags and yep one of them is red! I also have a red LV vernis wallet that I ADORE -- have had it for 3 years, carry it in all my bags and I refuse to give it up! :smile:
  15. Fair enough, I'm not going to argue with LV :smile: