Red patent leather bag, need opinions

  1. i have been searching and searching...and ive narrowed it down to two. This Miu Miu [​IMG]

    Or this Valentino

    What do you ladies think? and have you seen any others that you like better?
  2. i LOVE the miu miu!!!
  3. I vote for Miu Miu also.
  4. I like the styling of the Miu Miu better also! It really makes the most of the red patent without looking trendy, kwim? :yes:
  5. the miu miu is way cooler. Valentino looks too stiff IMO.
  6. Miu Miu!
  7. i recently saw a red patent cole haan on cosmo mag... was soooo cute! i couldnt find it on their website tho =(
    but i :heart: the second one !
  8. I like the valentino!;)
  9. not too wild about either one, sorry! Valentino is cool but too structured and Miu Miu is like a boat.
  10. They are both pretty awesome, I would have a hard time choosing, I love ~~:heart:RED!:heart:~~
  11. love the miu miu
  12. I like both of them, but if I had to pick I would go with the miu miu because it looks like it would be more comfortable to carry.
  13. I love the Valentino personally.
  14. Valentino :tup:
  15. i vote the valentino! the miu miu reminds me of the candy twizzlers!