red patent is here, but there is a black spot....

  1. there's a black spot on the leather like under the patent coating on the front corner of the front pocket

    it's not very big, but it makes me sad....I think its going back to be exchanged for the same thing
  2. I don't blame you. That would bug me to no end. Sorry you're having to exchange it.
  3. if is going to bother you do exchange it!

    i have a thing for the blue spot on the watercolor where its darker than the rest of the blue so i made the SA go thru until she found one that did not show the blue spot or it was on the bottom!!!
  4. OUCH!! :tdown: That's no good! I wouldn't be able to live with that either. Sorry you had to be disappointed.
  5. Aww, that's so sad!

    I hope you're able to swap it out ASAP!
  6. Pics? I was telling a friend about the red today and wanted to show her some good pics.

    Send it back though - it should be perfect.
  7. I agree, anything less than perfect needs to be exchanged. You spent alot of $$$$ and should get what you pay for.
  8. it's GORGEOUS! better than I thought, but I am going to take it and exchange it....I dont have to take it back to the same store I ordered it from do I? I like the sa's at the other one better.
  9. Court, (gosh, your kitty makes me smile every time I see him)

    I am very particular about my bags too. Please don't feel bad. Just think other people who spend the same amount of money are getting a purse that is spotless and why shouldn't you.

    Please post pics after you get the replacement so we can enjoy the bag with you. :smile:
  10. I just feel bad for not looking it over good in the store

    I'm going to take it back to the other store so I dont look dumb
  11. Do take it back and get a perfect one. I am picking up my mahogany one on Friday, I will check it over well. If it is not perfect I will ask for another one. I hope that you enjoy wearing your new bag. That patent ergo is scrumptuous.
  12. that IS sad. but these encounters that you ladies have here just reminds me of how much i don't want to be dissapointed when i get home so i look over my bags a little extra careful. hehe, court..take it back to the other store if you want, i'm sure lots of us here would do that as well.
  13. WHen I got my pear small soho flap, I did the same thing - it had a tiny black mark but I noticed it first thing and it was ALL I COULD SEE. So I did exchange it, even though my store told me that it was a natural flaw in the leather. They found me one that didn't have it.

    IT should be perfect, for the money you spend.
  14. awww, bummer :sad: I know how excited you were to get it! hope you get the perfect one!
  15. Sorry to hear that, get one without a spot so you will be happy.