Red Patent Hybrid S/S2008

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  1. Lovely color.....but still not a fan of patent leather....hehe

    Thanks for posting it!!
  2. oh I'm drooling! gorgeous color ... wish it was larger!
  3. Like the color but not a huge fan of patent.
  4. LOVE the color!
  5. It's a gorgeous shade of red!....reminds of LV's red Vernis(?) patent. I like it much more than the orange-y red patent reissues in the other photos. Just wish it came in a non-patent leather. Does anyone know if this red will be released in the jumbo/227 or 226 sizes (besides this clutch)?
  6. Reminds me of LV pomme d'amour vernis :yes:.
  7. Is that a flap only on half the bag? I don't really care for the design or concept... maybe it looks better IRL?
  8. Great color!
    I love patent - kind of wish this color came in another style though
  9. Not fond of the style but cute color!
  10. I agree!
  11. absolutely adore the colour but me too am not really a fan of the patent leather.
  12. Hate the style. The color is so amazingly beautiful!
  13. It is a beautiful color. Just not a fan of patent bags.
  14. Totally :yes:. I love the color, but not that style of bag.