Red Patent Hobo, Bow Headband, Posey Sunglasses, + the CUTEST puppy ever!

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  1. My patent hobo came today :yahoo: My new fabulous SA wasn't there, just the ones I don't like :cursing: there was one that I didn't know that was very nice and helpful, but she was writing the PCE letters and couldn't help me. But I took her name too for future reference.

    I LOVE THIS BAG. this is the only bag I've paid full price for in .... uh. maybe ever?? the last bag purchase I made in store was PCE LAST may. I've been an outlet whore ever since.

    The bow headband I bought from a friend ALSO came today and I got the posey sunglasses in burgundy as well! My fragrance print sandals are on backorder, so we'll see.

    My gorgeous 9 month old puppy couldn't resist taking a few pics too. She is moving with my mom on Thursday and I'm going to miss her so much!! She's technically my mom's dog, but thinks she's mine.

    Anyway ... on to the pics!!



    The sides are soooo cute!!


    excuse the messy hair and bathroom




    the hobo is bigger than her! she needs to be brushed, hah, she went to the vet today for rabies shots and was SOO brave and didn't cry!! she cried really loud last time and it made me so sad.


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  2. Everything (bag, sunglasses, doggie) is beautiful!

    You look so fashionable...:P
  3. Super Cute!!!!!
  4. That bag looks great on you!!! And of course... it looks darling with the adorable puppy!! :P
  5. yay! looks great on you! mine should be here tomorrow, I can't wait!!!
  6. Just gorgeous!

    Everything looks so great on you!

  7. Your puppy is so cute!!! I KNOW that you will love your ergo!!
  8. I don't know what's cuter....everything on you or that puppy!! Congrats on all your new stuff!!
  9. wow! you look so chic! love your puppy too
  10. Awwww so cute!!!! Your puppy is a doll! I'm a sucker for animals!!!!

    Your purse is gorgeous too!!!! I love it!
  11. thanks guys, I tried to take a photo with the headband on her, but she just wanted to eat it. :roflmfao:
  12. i love that in and the puppy is ever soooo cute!!!!
  13. wow ! that color is amazing, Everything looks great on you and I love the color combo w/your top too !
  14. Everything is absolutely beautiful! Congrats!
  15. Congrats! Now isn't that bag the most fab ever?!?