Red Patent Gauffre

  1. I get a lot of compliments on this bag but some lady today told me it was too bad I bought the bag in a spring color and I can't use it when fall comes!! She said I should have bought a neutral color and not in patent!! Is she right? I bought because of the color and I don't have a lot of patent leather bags and because I have a ton of brown/neutral leather bags ...

    I paid over 2600 dollars - did I waste my money? Can I not carry this in the fall or winter or next year??
  2. is she on crack???LMAO???
    HELLO?????Patent is FALL material too..and red is YEAR ROUND..she has no clue what she is talking about.Ignore her and rock yer bag!!LOL!
  3. ^ I agree patent is gonna be HUGE this fall. Everyone seems to be doing it. Do not listen to that woman!
  4. Patent is very big this year and red is an all year color, IMO! I have a LV red vernis bag that I wear all year! And I've had it for four years! Wear it and love it!
  5. Patent is all the rage this fall/ winter. Just look at the NM website. You will be fine and I bet it is gorgeous!!!
  6. OH and BTW,I just got RED PATENT fall Prada ballerinas.Apparently...grey,red and patent are the HOTTEST trends for fall this year....
  7. Was she the crazy bag lady on the corner?
    Red Patent is HOT, HOT HOT!
    Carry your beautiful bag proudly!
  8. This woman makes comments - not nice ones - on ALL my bags ...
  9. ^That is PURE JEALOUSY!!!
  10. Don't let her comments dictate how you should wear your gorgeous bag. Wear it loud and proud!

  11. So it IS the crazy bag lady on the corner!
  12. ^^^she's nuts! I put my red bag away to carry in the fall/winter!
  13. NO, NO, NO - patent is year round and I think almost every color is year round now, too. But especially red! You should enjoy your gorgeous red bag every season!
  14. She's kookoo for coco nuts. :wacko:

    What about red in December? I would use red all year round. Especially in the winter!
  15. patent leather is HOT now! not only purses, I am seeing lots of patent leather shoes and accssories too!! I am hoping to purchase a patent leather purse to add to my collection too!