Red patent flap from Christmas 2005?

  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone know if this bag is still around (total long shot I know-a bag this hot would be gone in seconds I'm sure) but if anyone sees this at a consignment store, eBay, etc PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!


  2. Such a pretty bag, I have never seen it. Good luck finding one, I know I'll keep my eyes open!
  3. lol cory 'took' my icon hahahaha ! i actually made it :p
  4. it's actually called the double flap i think. if i remember correctly.
  5. ^^^Oh noo...soooo SORRY...if you want, I can take down the pic...I didnt even realize you made the pic!!

    But yah--props to ladydeluxe for the pic thats re-inspired my love for this double flap red patent bag!!
  6. no worries my dear, you can have it! :smile:

    i was hunting for that bag like forever until i had to 'convince' myself to give up because it's as rare as my pink gucci blondie hobo. it's either i get real mad lucky to find it somewhere, otherwise i'll just hope for a miracle to happen or chanel to remake that. xo