Red Patent Fendi B Bag - Is she a keeper?

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  1. Hey Gang,

    I am not one to be indecisive with which handbags to buy. However, I am finding myself unsure about this new purchase. The color is more red IRL. I like the size and the way the leather pleats on the back. I showed the bag to my mom and she asked me what it was :roflmfao: . And I really value my mom's opinion so I think that's why I'm having second thoughts. Do you think I should exchange it for a color that is more toned down? I like the Honey with black trim. Or should I return it?
  2. I saw this bag yesterday at NM, it is more tomato red. I don't LOVE B-bag like I LOVE spy. It is cute and nice,but I doubt it can live that longer like spy does.:yes:
  3. I saw IRL yesterday too at the Fendi boutique...and it is a BEAUTIFUL bag!!! Very different from the spy! I say keep is lovely!!
  4. Keep it!!! :yes: That bag totally ROCKS!!
  5. I love B.Bag, even more than Spy!
    If you are unsure about the color but love the style, you can consider going for Honey with black trim -- get more wear out of this combination than Red. =)
  6. I personally love it, in fact a red patent B is on my want list. But if you like the style yet unsure of the color, you should exchange it for a more all-purpose color.

    I think, though, there's room in everyone's closet for a sexy, statement-making red bag. But I can see this partucular bag not being everyone's cup of tea.
  7. You should keep it only you are very sure you love it. You sound hesitant. Perhaps you should try it with some of the clothes you own to see if this color is "you"?
  8. Thanks for all of your honest opinions. You're right, I am hesitant. I was going to get the Rouge Bal Purse when it comes in June so I thought I would choose this one instead. Maybe I'll have my SA bring in the Honey color one and I can make my decision from there.

    TammyD, love your b bag as well! Do you find that the bag sort of shifts forward and it's difficult to unbuckle the flap? Have you had a chance to take her out?

    On a much lighter note, I told DH I got this bag last night. He was calm and asked me when (my handbag addiction) would stop:huh:
  9. Yes, I personally prefer the honey colour.:idea:
  10. I personally like the Honey color too
  11. Keep it!! Pair it with a pair of red patent pumps, a sexy white pencil skirt, and a cute white top with a little red, or a black top with red lipstick.. hottt.
  12. The red is a fun color! It gives the bag a funky vibe. If you prefer a more classic look then go for the tan and black version.
  13. Danica & Pelinika, I'm going to ask my SA to order me the honey one so I can decide. today was her day off:cry:

    Raynaldoc, I wish I could rock this purse with red patent leather heels & a sexy pencil skirt.;)

    Kat, I love bags with vibrant colors. My last few bags have been colorful bags (emerald first, limone bottega and moyen paddy) I don't stick with traditional colors. Nothing wrong with that, it's just my outfits are so boring that I can only spice it up with a cool bag. But I'm not sure what it is with this. I'm going to keep it until I can see the honey color one again.
  14. I like it, but patent leather can scratch easily, so it depends if this is a special occasion bag or a more everyday, whenever-I-want bag. If you want something more versatile, go with the black and tan. I love that combo!
  15. jbelle, you're right. The leather does scratch easily. I have noticed a little scratch already. I usually don't buy bags that have minor scratches, but I really liked this one and the SA said it just came from locker stock. The SA also said that red is hot this year. I'm still waiting for the honey one to come in. I'll update you guys as soon as it is in.