red paddy issue :9

  1. ok so i bought the red and tan paddy from nap but then i tried to be ood and jus keep one i returned the bag and yest my boyfriend bought it again from nap and gave it to me but when i first got my red paddy it was 15.5 long as opposed to the 14.5 tan one but this new one from nap looks smaller its measurements are 14.5 like the tan was the same confused plz helpppppppp i hope they didnt send a fake one or a different one ... im at work cant post pix but please teach me lol
  2. NAP always sells authentic... so no need to worry about authenticity. 14.5 is the correct measurments of the paddy, but that might not always be the case time to time... Chloe quality control is very inconsistent.
  3. Yeah like D&G said I wouldn't worry as NAP are defo authentic. I guess it may just have been a slip up on Control with Chloe themselves.

    Congrats by the way on having them both!
  4. u guys have hearts of gold!!!! tanx for the reinsurance ----have a fantabulous weekend!!!
  5. could be something as simple as the side straps were one notch tighter on this bag! it can make an inch difference easily :smile:

    Relax and enjoy your gorgeous paddy :biggrin: