Red Paddy Hobo, Elvire's and Bay Hobo at NM Orlando

  1. Just got back from Millenia Mall in Orlando - my great SA Carolina called me to look at some bags before being shipped off to Last Call. I don't have the exact prices, but they are in the price ranges mentioned.
    • a black patent Elvire hobo for $600ish,
    • an Elvire satchel in Bois (brown/whiskey color) for $820??,
    • a greenish/tan (Roche) Bay hobo for around $800, and a
    • Red Paddy hobo (the round shape) for $750??
    They are all beautiful bags, I refrained as my DH bought my birthday/anniversay gift (will post pics later). They are not on the floor, they are put back as the Last Call sale has ended.

    The number is 407-264-5900 or 800-590-7046, ask for Carolina, and mention the bags there were on hold for Linda. Not sure how long they will be there as she was afraid they would ship them out yesterday, but they are still there as of now.

    I know the prices aren't as good as Nordstrom's has had, but if you're looking for one of these bags.......pretty good deal.
  2. Someone should go for the patent Elvire hobo, I really LOVE this bag!
    I paid a little more for mine but I have used it quite a bit so no regrets what so ever!

    Oh and thanks a million for posting these great deals!