Red Paddy Confusion...

  1. Hey Ya'll I Ended Up Getting The Red Paddy Like U Ladiez Said And I Finally Found The Tan On Nap Too And Go That Andddd The Steel I Want To Return The Red One Cuz I Know I Wont Use It As Much...but Im Confused About The Nap Return U Guys Think I Should Try To Sell It On eBay???? Some Of The Bags Look Fake There And I Thought Maybe I Wouldnt Have Any Luck...or U Think I Should Jus Return It To Nap Im Sooo Confuseddddddddddddd
  2. The returns policy at NAP is so easy, its much better to send it back. You will have to pay listing fees, end price fees and advertise it etc, and you will only get what you paid for it, (Jan is very slow sales on eBay) so I would strongly suggest just returning it, if you dont feel you will use it.

    Its not confusing at all, you email them, they issue a returns number which you write on the returns page of your paperwork, and then you arrange for DHL to pick it up for free - its easy as can be!
  3. ^^ Hear Hear Chloe Babe - it is extremely easy and is prob a better option. As well as the eBay fees issues this way you get some money back to buy something else you love. ONe other advantage is that there are loads of PF gals out there looking for one of these on NAP so you will be helping out one of your fellow sisters.
  4. You Guys Are Dollz!!!!!!! Smooches
  5. ebay seem to be taking every real bag off ebay at the moment and leaving all the fake ones on. I think they think that it is better to sell fake bags as they might go for less but there are more of them so they make more money. anyway I would just return it, I returned the one I bought from the uk site and the service was very fast and efficient!