Red Paddington bag?

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  1. Does the Chloé Paddington bag come in red ?

    I would love to get a red one since it would fit me perfectly, and I've seen some pics of it but now I wonder if they have been fakes because I cannot find a red one in any webshop. Not sure if all the red Paddingtons on eBay are pics of fake bags. :sad2:

    Did Nicole Richie or some other celeb carry one in red btw? Or was it a Balenciaga..?
  2. Yeah, Nicole Richie has a red paddy. So does Tori Spelling, I think, but I can't find the picture.


    I haven't seen one in a long while though, I'm afraid. But they are out there.
  3. I'm not sure if any stores will carry them, since they are getting bags in for the new season. You can check eBay, but be careful! Lots of fakes. A few of the girls here know some reliable sellers on eBay that sell authentic paddingtons, maybe they can post the names. I think "personalshoppers" is one of those sellers.
  4. yes red came out last fall and there's also wine. I think leshent also might have red for sale. She's definetely, legite.
  5. Net-A-Porter will be receiving dark red medium Paddington satchels in the coming weeks. Bordeaux/dark red is part of Chloe's SS06 collection! LVR are currently taking pre-orders, but their image for the colour is terrible. There are pictures on of the colour :biggrin:
  6. Ya, I saw the picture for the bordeaux paddy on LVR's site and it was horrible. I mean it looked dark metallic pink?? :blink:
  7. Megs has got a red Paddington, so it def comes in this gorgeous colour!
  8. A word of warning ... I wanted the Red Paddington, and ended up getting the 'Grenat' (which is the bordeaux wine color). Mind you, all the sales folks kept on referring to it as the "Red" color. It wasn't until I saw one on eBay that referred to it as the "Grenat", that I realized that I had, in fact, gotten the wrong bag!

    The point being, make sure that you ask very specific questions as to the color, to make sure the same doesn't happen to you.
  9. So is it the bright red paddy that's coming out soon or the wine red? I want a wine red now!
  10. Dudeiloveyou has a red paddington now! He is legit!:love:
  11. There are two colors of red.
    one of them is named "Rouge" .. that is the bright red. I have the rouge paddy and i can post pictures if you are interested to look at it. (but i am not selling it though.. ha ha) I dont think that the stores is selling anymore rouge paddy.

    Meg's paddy is "grenat".. that is the bordeoux wine red. Its darker color than mine. I do know that some chloe stores still carry the grenat color..
  12. Thanks guys! :smile:

    The one Nicole is carrying seems more orangey red, right? Or does the camera's flash make the colour look weird in this pic?

    I'd like a bluish red. Like LV's 'New Red' in Epi Leather. :nuts: Love the colour. LV Epi Jasmin would be another option.
  13. hers is more red red.. like rouge red.
  14. Yes well all of them are red, Chloe makes three red colours:

    Bordeaux/Dark Red - The darkest red
    Grenat/Wine Red - Medium hue
    Rouge/Lipstick Red - Brightish Red