Red Or Yellow Groom Agenda?

  1. I can't decide-which one red or yellow???????? I'm loving both, help me to decide??????
    thanks guys......
  2. i vote for red. i like the color just more then yellow
  3. :heart: the red one...
  4. red
  5. RED..
  6. red!
  7. Red!
  8. Red
  9. Another vote for red!
  10. I will get it in RED WHEN IT COMES BACK IN AT elux- will i was deciding-it went out of stock! tHANKS FOR YOUR HELP
    OH well, maybe that was a sign-I need to cool it(smile) for a few weeks!
  11. Red.
  12. I bought it in RED!!! So you know what my vote is!!! ;)
  13. i bought the red & now I wish I had picked up the yellow one, it is a great color & really pops with the little groom guy.
  14. My vote is for red too! :smile:
  15. I just bought the red one today. IMO, it's the prettiest.
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