RED or Metallic Bronze/Gold?!

  1. Hello you guys,

    I am going to buy an handbag 2morrow - I just cant decide which one to get - both are on Sale for like 50% and so I have to buy one 2morrow:smile:

    One is from LUELLA and is a Big one and is Bronze metallic (the classy big Luella Bags)
    and the second is the Valentino Historia (The one Angelina Jolie has in white) but in RED! Its a nice red though, not a too strong red.

    Unfortunatly I cannot send you any pictures because I couln't find any on the Internet.

    But my question is RED oder BRONZE/GOLD?

    I need the bag for University. So for everday. I have a beige Moncler Jacket and normaly wear Jeans and Pullis,like grey ones and blue ones and black ones - in Summer I often wear a Jeans Skirt and polo shirts.
    During the day, especially at univ i dress casual and not dressy. I normaly liked goldonly for going out dancing. but somehow I really like this bag...
    But I also always wanted a red bag..
    first I wanted the Restyled D-Bag from Tods but then I saw this Valentino Bag on Sale and my heart went yuuuuuuuhu:smile: so much nicer the red.

  2. Bronze/gold... I absolutely looove that color combo. But really what it comes down to is what you feel you'll feel the best carrying.
  3. Oooh get the Valentino - I LOVE that bag!
  4. Get the red color...if it's for university. The metallic gold may rub off.
  5. I love that Valentino bag:love: but regardless of my design preference, I would go with red for two reasons: metallic leather might rub off or become dull looking, especially since it sounds like you will be using this bag a lot, and red is a more timeless color, while metallics are very in this season.