Red or Green mousse

  1. Hello Ladies..... I have just received these two pics from my SA showing two mousses that she is holding for me. I am having the hardest time deciding which one. Please help.....

    Rockerchic and Shopmom, I thought I would post the question again with the pics.....still feel the same way?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Shawl(red).jpg Shawl(vert).jpg
  2. red
  3. green
  4. For

  5. I like the green better.
  6. so far, 1 red, 3 green!

    but if I include RC and SM's earlier vote, it's 3 and 3

  7. Oh, I am so bad at choosing--that is why I end up with multiples. I don't know your wardrobe, but I think the red has a little more instant appeal. If you don't want it, I do.
  8. I vote green, Rose. Although I find that the red shows up the contrast better, but there is an elegance about the green that is very alluring.
  9. My wardrobe is mainly black. A lot of white during the summer... I am thinking that the red 'pops' more too.
  10. I wonder if I should get them both..... would that be really greedy...
  11. Nope...get both and you could always return if one does not work out...

    I think the green with your skin tone would be more elegant.
  12. You said what I was thinking but couldn't quite verbalize!!
  13. don't you have an olive complexion? i do.
  14. My skin tone is like the girl's in the pic (which is why my SA selected her to model). Those who have met me IRL: QM..... going with green, RC.... going with red,....... Shopmom.... going with red...
  15. red:yes: :p