Red or Gray Caviar Jumbo??HA

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  1. I need help deciding which color - red or grey caviar jumbo! the red jumbo has always been on my ultimate ULTIMATE wishlist but a Grey jumbo is more realistic and easier to pull off. My entire handbag collection is full of black and nude bags so I feel like either color will be a nice addition. My wardrobe is quite minimalistic and neutral as I usually let my shoes do all the talking. I also live in the pacific north west so I feel like it'd be harder to pull off a red bag when it's drizzling out....correct me if I'm wrong! Ladies, plz help me out and let me know what your thoughts are on styling a red vs neutral colored jumbo!
  2. You need a Chanel red
  3. RED! :heart:
  4. Would you recommend a classic red or a darker one?
    Darker red
  5. I think if you need a pop of color, you should get the classic red! its gorgeous! :smile:
  6. Red! I wear my red easy flap daily, rain or shine.
  7. Red obviously, it’s your dream bag and you already have plenty of black and neutral bags so a pop color would be better choice
  8. red!
  9. Since your clothes are most neutrals... RED for sure :biggrin:. Now you can let the bag do the talking :P
  10. Has your red flap darkened from daily use? The SA I'm working with is telling me that even though the red caviar is bright (because it's new) that it will darken with use/overtime. True, false??
  11. Red! You had me at dream bag.