red or brown?

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] which do you prefer for fall?
  2. I like the red, goes w/any color wardrobe!
  3. the red.
  4. the red... the brown looks a little dull and boring
  5. Definitely the red!
  6. I'm on the red boat.
  7. red
  8. That is a great red. Go red!
  9. red :yes:
  10. Red is hot.
  11. I like the red too!! It 'pops' right out of the picture.
  12. Red. I just bought a red purse for fall/winter myself. I like brown too though.
  13. I agree with everyone else, the red.
  14. Another vote for the red - its lush!
  15. Red!:yes: