Red or black jasmine?


Nov 19, 2006
I haven't been in the LV thread in a long time. One of my first bags when I joined tpf was a Batignolle regular which I sold a few months back. Anyway, searching around and absolutly love the EPI line. I've narrowed it down to the Jasmine bag but now can't decide if I want red or black.
I do have a Prada black bag that I use a lot which seems to be about the same size so I'm thinking red. Then again, can red be a bag that I will use a lot? Also, I noticed the black there is gold or silver hardware as a choice? I kind of like the silver which is the same HW on the prada bag. Oh decisions, decisions...


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Feb 2, 2006
I think as you already have a Prada bag in black that you use alot, you should get the red Jasmine. The Jasmine is a very classy looking bag and red and black both look good. It also depends on what kind of outfits you were more often, formal or informal. I think that the black Jasmine suits more formalwear but the red could compliment informal or formal wear. Good luck in your choice. Whatever colour you chose, the bag is really lovely.


Feb 8, 2009
Both colors are gorgeous. I had a black Jasmin with the gold hardware that I sold :crybaby:I really regret selling her even though I would only use her once a year for the annual Christmas party. She was too small for everyday but I sure wish I would have kept her. The older Epi had the gold hardware and when they came out with the Epi Soft line they changed the hardware to silver. If you feel your clothing would be complimented by the red you should go for it, it is sooo pretty and would really stand out. But the black is definitely a safe color choice.
Apr 11, 2008
I have the black Jasmin and it goes with everything. But if you have a black Prada bag then you should get the red one. Red is a color you can use throughout the year. Good luck in whatever color you choose!


Oct 24, 2008
red is nice but you must pay attention to color matching, on the other hand black is always OK, you're never wrong...
I like both colors but I'd choose black because I'd have more chances to use it!


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Jan 5, 2009
southeast asia
i had a black jasmin, with silver hardware.. it was lovely..
i sold it because i had not used it much, as it calls for a certain occasion, not for everyday..
it is a very dressy and classy purse, albeit small-ish..
that said, i'd recommend black, as it is timeless...