Red or Black Jasmin?


Red or Black Jasmin?

  1. Red

  2. Black

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  1. Which one do you prefer?

    I'm looking for a all-weather, heavy rain bag for the winter, that I can also use all year round.

    I already have a red epi pochette which I love (I only use it as a pouch to go inside my Speedy 30), but maybe in a full sized bag, red is too bright? Then again it might be nice to have some colour in the winter when everyone is usually wearing dark colours.

    I think black would go with more things, but maybe black is boring? But the good thing about black is that it looks professional so I can also take it to job interviews.

    What do you all think?

    (I voted black just so I can see the results)
  2. Red, I think black is a bit boring thats IMO though!
  3. Red...I love the splash of color in the winter!
  4. My vote is for red too!
  5. I voted black. I think this bag looks amazing in black. Not at all boring.
  6. I think a black epi bag is a great staple to have- it'll go with everything and you never have to worry if it's "too much". KWIM?
  7. I really like the red :smile:
  8. Black; epi in black is amazing, the red is nice too, but IMO black goes with everything and there are some colours that red wouldn't look great with.
  9. Black epi Jasmin a classic piece.
  10. RED! I have a black epi alma and a red epi jasmin and Imy fav is still the red epi. Red epi is simply gorgeous!
  11. no question black is what I would get. Not really into red, except for the cerises line.
  12. i voted black.
  13. I like red, because it's a bit different and can brighten up an outfit.
  14. Red
  15. red