red or black epi pochette


Red or Black epi pochette?

  1. Red epi pochette

  2. Black epi pochette

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  1. I really like the quality of the epi line. I'm thinking of getting a pochette, for $360 I can't beat the price, but I have a hard time deciding between 2 colors, black & red. I already have a red epi petite noe, I'm thinking of getting a black pochette, but red is stunning too. :confused1: Which color is best?
    epi pochette.jpg
  2. I think you should get the black pochette, Since you already have some red Epi.
    And the black is so pretty in Epi!
  3. I vote black, it's classic and neutral, and you'd probably get alot more use out of it....
  4. black gets my vote.
  5. I'd get the Black Epi since you already have an Epi in Red .... that way you can have a little bit of everything.
  6. I like the black - it will go with pretty much everything.:yes:
  7. I voted for red so that you can have a matching set with your petite noe :love:
  8. depends on what you want to wear it or use it with. Although, since you have red already I vote for black.
  9. Black gets my vote. its a great little bag to use to formal events
  10. I have both bags- I love the red! It is that punch of color that makes it pop
  11. I like the Red.
  12. Get black. It could be used as an evening bag and will go with more than the red. Plus, you already have red epi.
  13. I LOVE both colors but I say black since you already have a red.
  14. I voted for Black! :yes:
  15. I voted for black since you already have that awesome red petit noe. How are you liking it, btw?