Red or Beige Valentine flap?

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  1. I cant decide between the red or beige valentine flap.

    Does anyone have pics of the true colour of these.
    Thanks :smile:
  2. definately red!! last year they didnt make any red at all!
  3. Red!
  4. If you don't have a red is my choice.
  5. red

    if you love beige, you can always get a classic flap in beige down the line
  6. red!!
  7. red!
  8. red!!!!!!!
  9. Another vote for red.
  10. red!
  11. voting for red too - the charms seem to pop out more on that one.

    has anyone seen the blue vday? is the blue like the blue roi?
  12. beige!!
  13. I really like the Red!
  14. Another vote for red. It is a valentine flap so red would be perfect!