Red Onion!....

  1. Just looked at the one you like on naughtipidginsnest - that is absolutely gorgeous. I love the grain on it- think it adds character.
    Don't wait too long to decide as I think that will be snapped up
  2. I think the colour is consistent between bags however the grain is not. If you really love the NP one then you should go for it. Okay it maybe a bit more than the bay BUT you know with NP you get great service and no worries...

    *not enabling or anything of course* :p
  3. it's sold, who bought it!!
  4. he he he! - have a guess!!!!;)
  5. I was hoping that was you :biggrin:

    Would have been awful if someone had swept it at the last minute!
  6. Woolly and littlestar - thanks for your input at a really crucial time - your comments finally reinforced my resolve to go for her!!! - yes, the grain is stunning, and I think she is the best example around at the moment - my dilemma was that there were some contenders on eBay (a little cheaper!) - but I just wasn't as drawn to them as NP's one, and just kept going round in circles - and eventually kept coming back to her. It's the classic, the first thing you see, you invariably end up going back to it!!!:lol:

    But many thanks for your input and advice :biggrin:
  7. :yahoo: :ghi5: :yahoo:
  8. Crikey Somerset, it was all getting a tad stressy this last half hour or so - was asking NP some final questions, and also queries to sellers of the same bag on eBay - all the time thinking I should just quit the faffing around and go for my first love!!!! - which I thankfully did (eventually! - phew - relax!!....:sweatdrop:
  9. DP - I wouldn't blame you for becoming more and more exasperated with my dillying and dallying - I was actually becoming increasingly irritated by myself!! - but thankfully it's now all in the bag (hehe!) - so excited about her and can't wait for her arrival!..:loveeyes::cloud9::tup::hysteric::party:
  10. Yay! :biggrin: Looking forward to the reveal!
  11. Just a little extra! - Shian called me just after I bought her and we had a lovely chat - as you can imagine - usual mad exchange between two like-minded Mulberry-holics! - and I mentioned how RO had started a bit of an obsession with us over the last few days and she said she had been on TPF and checked this thread and found our exchanges most amusing!!!....:lolots:
  12. Rox it was fun being part of you making your decision :chatty::ps::chatty:
  13. I thought we were being deadly serious.....I cannot imagine what she found amusing ....:thinking:

    On a selfish note I think I may have found my RO piece too, watch ths space.....:graucho:
  14. Yes, what larks we have had!!:p.....just thinking, some of those bag tassel keyrings (like yours!) would look spiffing on RO, don't you think!!!?:graucho:
  15. DP - have I missed something here - probably as I've been sooo wrapped up in Red Onion skins of late!!!! Doooo tell!...;)