Red (old) Vernis

  1. Should I get something in the old red vernis if I can get it? I currently have a few Pomme accessories, which I love! :love: I was thinking, it might be nice to have something in the old color, but do I really need more red? Should I skip it, and get something else on my list? (Cuz God knows it keeps growing!) :nuts:

    What would you do? :girlsigh:
  2. If i were you i would get something else,because you already have red
  3. Same, I personally think pomme is nicer.
  4. The old red (known as Rouge) is gorgeous but I think you should get another color since you have so much red already :yes:
  5. I think the pomme is nicer, but if you love the rouge, go for it.
  6. Rouge is defintitely more on the orange side, not a heavy red like pomme, but honestly, i think Epi Rouge the best, it's true red, and stunning. attach a pix of my red trios :smile:
    Azur bubble.jpg Azur Red trio.jpg
  7. Try out another color ;) since you have so much red ^^
  8. I like the Pomme much better too, IMO
  9. Well if you have so many of them, get another color. Maybe the new ivorie epi? :smile: