Red Nightingale Color Help Please

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  1. I'm about to pull the trigger on a red Nightingale...but I can't tell if these two are the same color. The one from Bergdorf's looks a little more cherry, and the one from NAP looks a little more burgundy (maybe it's brick?) you think it's the same red and just looks different in the pics? I returned a red one a while back b/c it was a more orangy-red w/ gold hardware, and I really wanted a red with silver hardware. Thanks for any help!! :smile:
  2. If you send me a pm I have a great SA at bergdorfs and I prefer to order everything through a SA rather than online that way you know exactly what your getting. She will send you comparison pics....

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  3. Hmm I don't know if they are the same bag but I love the Bergdorf one!
  4. I like the brighter red
  5. I feel pretty confident in saying they are the same red but lighting is different. The new red is called Carmine. It is a deep crimson. Absolutely stunning wearable red. I have seen it in person and have a gale coming to me. It is different from the bright red and the brick/burgundy of FW2014. The carmine red can be found on the official Givenchy website or if u just google "givenchy carmine bag".

  6. Thank you! Sounds like it might be the red I've been searching for...I wanted either a true red or one that leaned towards cranberry. Do you think it's a red that can be worn in the summer? Think I'll order it today! :smile:
  7. It is part of the SS14 collection so I would say yes. It is definitely more of that deep cranberry red than say a lipstick or tomatoe red. I will likely get my red gale early next week. Which do u plan on ordering? Ant or Gale? I am thinking I may order Ant after I get my Gale. This is definitely the red I have been wanting.
  8. I ordered the Gale...hopefully it will get here early next week. I'll be looking forward to your pics!!
  9. can't wait to see your reveal!
  10. We may get ours at the same time? My ETA is Tuesday!
  11. I just tracked mine and it comes on Tuesday too!

  12. OMG! So excited!!!! Bag twins...on the same day! :ghi5:

  13. Did you get your bag?? Mine was delivered to my work yesterday but I wasn't in the the unopened box is sitting here beside me at my desk torturing me! :smile:
  14. I did! It is absolutely stunning. FABULOUS RED! She is sitting in her dustbag next to my MB Gale. My only question I want this amazing red in nightingale or my absolute fave Gbag style, Antigona. Hmmmm...

    I am so excited for you to open yours! I cannot believe you haven't taken the box to the bathroom or break room to open and peek!

  15. Haha, I thought about doing that! Except I ordered it from NAP and they must have boxed it in their gift packaging, b/c the box is huge! If someone saw me hauling that thing into the bathroom they would definitely be confused... ;)