RED.....need I say more?


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Apr 13, 2012
I've posted this but how are you guys getting the red fla - I'm in the UK and go to the flagship storein new bond street and I'm being told they have none this season ? where am I going wrong ? Shall I move to the US :smile:
I think the past two seasons have shown the UK & other places get way more colors & sizes than the US, plus you can order from stores like Saks. No such stores exist in your country which will do this. As has been said, this color has been seen, so I think it's a matter of timing. I'd not move to the US unless you want a vastly more limited range in size & color (bags & shoes).


Jun 2, 2014
Thanks guys for your responces on my red woes here in a rainy London UK -I'm due a holiday and might come over to USA -I don;t trust international shipping and Chanel bags - thanks anyways though xxxx