red nappa coffer vs red patent coffer

  1. Hi,

    I am not sure if I am can post this here but my sister needs to decide which one to keep, the red nappa coffer or the red patent coffer...

    attached are the pictures for comparison which i took from bluefly and also from somebody's post (sorry, i hope the person would not mind)

    Please help...let me know your opinion...
    rednappa.jpg redpatent.jpg
  2. FYI, the red patent one is not made of leather but it's made of vinyl coated fabric. Hope you'll consider this as a factor. Also, the pic seems like it's from bluefly, and if you read the print, you can notice that at the last line there that they it's made of fabric instead of the widespread belief it's leather.:yes:
  3. hi in my opinion the nappa is much better:drool:.... vernice is ok for this year,it is so fashion now...but on next year??then the red nappa miu miu is sooo soft:kiss:
  4. Oh, the patent, I didn't know it is not leather...Thanks for letting me know.
  5. Nappa Is Much Better! It's So Soft!
  6. Definitely the nappa!
  7. I prefer the nappa one.
  8. I'd say the nappa...but I will tell you've i've seen the patent IRL and it's STUNNING.
  9. Patent, LOVE the silver hardware!
  10. Hi Hanei! U mean ur sister has one of each of these bags? Before she decides which to dump, a couple of factors to consider though.... 1. Price she paid for each. 2. Which of these two bags goes easily with her wardrobe? 3. Her preference for the material? Leather vs Patent (considering wat biscuiterie said ). 4. Colour as the material decides the look of the bag. 5. Over time, how do u think both red will turn out from use. Personally, I'm a sucker for leather so u know which will be my choice. However, on the other hand the red of the Patent with silver hardware sure creeps into ur heart...
  11. NAPPA definitely! No doubts
  12. Thanks everybody! My sister decided to return the patent. I guess she really liked the nappa.