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  1. I am a post virgin but when I came across this lovely Muse, my heart went pitter-patter and I wanted to see what the experts thought. I thought the red muse was an urban legend until I saw one in real life. I saw this on ebay and I asked the seller for more pics and I am pretty convinced it is the real deal, but my question is...should I snatch it up for the BIN price of $899 or go the auction route? I think the bidding for this one might go pretty high (especially with the new YSL price increase...grrr), $899 seems pretty good right now...what to do....??? Patience is not a strong point for me...:nogood:
  2. I love that gorgeous !!!
    i think you should post it in the authenticate this thread, and if it's the real deal (i can spot fake LVs not YSLs yet, lol) and if you want it, don't hold it before someone else does !!!!
  3. wow, that's gorgeous.
    authenticate if you haven't already, and quickly!
    good luck!
  4. Well, someone beat me to it and already posted the link to this purse in the authenticate thread. The bidding is already at $725 which has met the reserve, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a nice little bidding war on this baby! Now I really wished I had snatched the BIN way or another, I'm gittin' it! Cosmopolitan, thanks for the extra pix...and thanks for the encouragement ladies!
  5. Does anyone know: did they only make the Oxblood red muse for one year?
  6. man, it sure looks like Banana Republic bag I saw a while back
  7. ^^I think they did a "knock-off" of the muse.
  8. Did a TPF member win this beauty? If so, please post pics! TIA!
  9. Well, I didn't win it, I thought it ended today but it ended last night. I just hope some lovely PF lady was the lucky winner, that purse deserves a good home....I have a call in to my SA at Neimans to see if she can track one of these down, wish me luck....note to attention to ending dates. :hysteric:
  10. ^^Oh DAMN. I didn't bid because I knew you wanted it so badly! I hope it was a least a pf'er that got it now!
  11. Beauxgoris, you are too sweet, lisenoktx was the lucky winner though! I am sure she apprieciates your kind gesture too though!
  12. Yes, I am a TPF member, I was the one who communicated with the seller, I requested additional pictures and put them into the authentication thread right after the auction had started, I was the first one who bidded on the bag, I was the one who honestly won the auction (not the last second sneak-in bidder), and I don't feel bad about getting the bag as I too wanted it pretty badly (for almost two years). :sad:

    I already have the bag and tonight will post the pictures in the Authentication thread (as I promised), so the girls who helped me to authenticate the bag can see it.
  13. OMG, Lisenoktx! CONGRATULATIONS!!!